WOW!! It’s already been a year! Here we are in our second year of recognising the achievements and innovation of entrepreneurs around the world. Our inaugral event last year was a HUGE success. There were more than 100 applicants globally! That’s right…we had people applying from all over the globe – USA, Hong Kong, Jordan, India and many more.


It’s clear that the challenges we face in healthcare today affects us irrespective of colour, creed, sex or location. With such a strong show of unity, entrepreneurs are making massive strides in addressing the obstacles we face today, and delivering viable solutions that make real differences to peoples’ lives.


Last year we had 3 categories – pollen, seedling and sprout – based on where entrepreneurs were in their business cycle. This year we are keeping the same format but are giving special focus to companies that are working around the themes of GIANT this year – future technologies (eg. AR/VR, robotics), leading health issues (eg. mental health, chronic disease), wearable tech and health apps.





With such an interest in Beanstalks, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for the competition to October 31st.





Eligibility and Judging

The competition is free to enter. Startups must have not received more than one round of investor/seed funding prior to applying. In addition, this funding must be less than US$1 million. Grants and bursaries are exempt.


There are 3 categories based on where the entrepreneurs are at.


POLLEN – This is for entrepreneurs who have an idea or concept but have not had the resources or knowhow to progress with it.


SEEDLING – This is for teams who have a developed idea and are in the process of prototyping or market testing their product.


SPROUT – This final category is for teams who are in the marketplace and have just started trading.



Applications will be vetted by a team of doctors and business people. Those deemed most likely to succeed will be invited to subimt a 1 page executive summary outlining their business model. These summaries will be reviewed and 5 applicants* in each category will be invited to present in front of a live audience during the GIANT event.


The winners will be selected by a judging panel and prizes awarded on the day.


Check out our sponsors section which outlines what the prizes are and who’s offering them. We will be announcing our sponsors regularly so keep an eye on what they will be offering for prizes.




*This may increase if teams are deemed competitive and worthy of a place to pitch.