Last Year's Winners

Where they are now

Last year, more than 100 startups joined our Beanstalks Competition and they have made great progress !

Nymbl Science is a global startup based in the UK and US. Nymbl provides the first and most comprehensive mobile and wearable technology-based solution to address the global healthcare challenge of decreasing balance and increasing falls in an ageing population.Since the GIANT Health Conference last year we have had an explosive 12 months! We are a finalist in the Prime Health $150k Challenge and will be presenting at the EXDO event centre, Denver CO on October 19th. Following the successful application for our second $50k Innovate UK grant, we’re developing a wearable to accurately measure gait to assess balance and predict falls. It complements our Nymbl Balance Evaluation and Training apps. We’ve begun a Validation Study of our balance system with Imperial College, London. At Summit Health, PA, we are partnering with GPs and PTs to validate the Nymbl solution and workflow within an outpatient setting. In a controlled trial with Summit, Nymbl participants improved their balance by 34% (vs control of 3.7%, p<0.001). And we are successfully implementing our recurring revenue model with balance improvement programmes in Senior Living Communities in the U.S.