At Aspirant, we are fundamentally changing the way global consulting services are delivered.

In line with our purpose to disrupt and innovate, we approach the healthcare sector from a wellness perspective, with a strong belief in the view that prevention is preferred to the palliative. We are passionate about the societal and economic imperatives of wellness.
Aspirant believes that, just like humans, organisations need to be treated holistically.

The fusion of our Digital Arsenal™, and insightful people allows us to identify resources, empower and give voice to individuals, and bridge gaps within an organisation faster.

These digital cognition capabilities allow us to glean deeper, richer insights and unleash the unseen potential within an organisation. The holistic strategies we can subsequently create, enable our clients to achieve greater value faster.

Don’t think consulting. Think Aspirant.

Aspirant are offering £12,000 worth of business strategy advise & consultation – from market research and analysis to differentiation strategies, business model reviews/advice, pitch coaching and team mentoring.  This would equate to 10 days of a senior strategy manager’s time, including personal input from the president of Aspirant Mr. Chris Hafner.